IP Based Thermal Camera Series

Imi Tech

  • 60fps support
  • Various lens support
  • Real-time data, video recording & analysis
  • PC & TV monitoring in real-time
  • Remote control on PC
  • Digital zoom (x2, x4)
  • Alarm output in specific temperature rise
  • Max/min temperature detection
  • Various palette support

About this series

IMI Thermal Cameras are used in various areas like electronic equipment,building inspection,machine vision and surveillance,etc. With many”thermal cameras”,the sensor only finds the temperature of a specific point.The IMI thermal camera has functions to detect a wide area temperature spectrum; and each points absolute temperature.IMI thermal cameras are employed successfully in factory and processing areas,fice inspection and coast surveillance as well. These IMI thermal cameras provide 320×240 and 720×480 resolution now; but megapixel resolution will soon be released. Both the IP and GigE interfaced cameras provide easy to use control features for recording video files.

ModelResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSInterfaceDatasheet
IMT-802N0.1MP25µm60GigEView Details
IMT-811N0.3MP17µm60GigEView Details

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