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Imaging Module Linea M

IM-linea M series is a miniaturised digital microscope in straight design.

In contrast to the IM-compact:

– the image fields are larger,

– the working distances are longer and

– no coaxial illumination is integrated.

These modules are ideally suited for machine integration.

– Robust aluminium design with various mounting options

– optimised image quality due to perfectly matched component selection

– one-cable concept (USB version)

– powerful plug & play imaging module incl. free control software

Model Interface Chroma Field of View (FoV) Working Distance (WD)
IL10-00363CU0001 USB3.1 Color 28.7x24 202
IL10-00363MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 28.7x24 202
IL10-00462CU0001 USB3.1 Color 24x18 202
IL10-00462MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 24x18 202
IL10-01553CU0001 USB3.1 Color 16.9x14.1 132
IL10-01553MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 16.9x14.1 132
IL10-01652CU0001 USB3.1 Color 14.1x10.6 132
IL10-01652MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 14.1x10.6 132
IL10-02743CU0001 USB3.1 Color 11.3x9.4 99
IL10-02743MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 11.3x9.4 99
IL10-02842CU0001 USB3.1 Color 9.5x7.1 99
IL10-02842MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 9.5x7.1 99
IL10-03743CU0001 USB3.1 Color 9.3x7.7 87
IL10-03743MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 9.3x7.7 87
IL10-03942CU0001 USB3.1 Color 7.8x5.8 87
IL10-03942MU0001 USB3.1 Monochrome 7.8x5.8 87