Micro Imaging Module

Opto GmbH


Digital machine vision microscope

  • FOV: 4.5×3.8mm
  • WD: 31mm
  • Resolution: monochrome 250 LP / mm
  • Coax and Ring Light
  • USB3.0 / 5MP / Camera

Ultra compact light weight stand

  • Focus Travel range 57mm
  • Size 190x230x350mm
  • Weight 2.5kg for easy transportation

OptoViewer 2.0

  • Simple user interface
  • Camera control for demanding integration tasks
  • Pre-calibrated magnification settings
  • Illumination adjustment
  • One-click image storage
  • Standard measurement functions
  • Reticule generator
  • Basic text editor

About this series

FOV micro measuring microscope 4.0

The new ultra-compact digital micro measuring microscope from Opto is the perfect tool for on-site measurements in production.

The image processing microscope professionally digitizes quality where it counts.

The sensor structure is robust, plug-and-play, easy to use and equipped with an integrated high-end lens and camera.

With the built-in coaxial LED lighting and the ring light, all kinds of features can be visualized on a product, similar to a traditional metallurgical microscope.

The Metlogix M3 one Touch Measurement Software performs critical analysis in all phases of your manufacturing process. It is a dependable, intuitive and multi-spread tool in the metrology marketplace.

  • Measuring point acquisition by crosshair, clever video tools
  • Multi touch probe capability
  • Measure, construct and define 2D geometries
  • Measure polynomes with the blob tool
  • Position detection
  • Part program with automated measurements
  • Automated multiple parts measurement in the field of view
  • DXF overlay in live image
  • Contour tracking and BestFit
  • Integrated light control of the Opto Imaging Modules
  • Tolerance check according to DIN / ISO with tolerance chart
  • Launch program with barcode reader
  • Image archiving (BMP, JP2, JPG, PNG)
  • Program creation from DXF file
  • Comprehensive data output as DXF, DXF point cloud, IGS cloud, CSV, TSV
  • Q-DAS converter
  • and much more ..



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