High Speed Strobe Lights

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High-Speed Strobe Lights are capable of up to 5000 Strobes Per Second (SPS). These are high speed and extreme output strobe lights.


About this series

XR series high speed strobe lights are capable of up to 5000 Strobes Per Second (SPS). XR series of LED lights have storage of electrical energy to pulse the LED’s. XR256 have a pulsed LED energy of 2000 watts when LED’s are active. XR256 light is pulsing the LED’s with up to 180 amps of DC current. XR256 light has 256mm squared area of LED die running at up to 2000 watts. For comparison a standard LED light for machine vision has on average 3-12mm’s squared area of LED die running at 3-12 watts.

XR series lights have a temperature monitor that will shut down when LED’s die rises above a safe temperature. After shut down the LED die begin a rest time till a safe temperature is reached. LED die will gain heat based on the LED strobe time or duration and SPS. Longer strobe times and high SPS will raise die temperatures. XR series monitor the duty cycle to safely limit the operation of the LED’s. The LED’s will not be allowed to run at an unsafe duty cycle.

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