High Resolution, High Speed Series

Imi Tech

  • CCD (Global Shutter)
  • Ext. trigger / strobe
  • C / F mount
  • Back focal length adjustable
  • Operating temp. -5°C~45°C
  • Cable lock with screws
  • CL / CXP interface

About this series

High resolution and high speed cameras have become very popular for use in industrial equipment and inspection systems like 3D Solder Paste Inspection,Automated Optical Inspection,UHD TV Inspection and 10+MP Smartphone Camera Module Inspection.We provide high resolution and high speed cameras with various interfaces like Camera Link,CoaXPress and GigE. The 29M 5fps and 25M 30fps Camera are an excellent solution for high performance imaging applications that need a flexible GPIO.The 25M 72fps CoaXPress camera has the fastest bandwidth and max.100 meter transmission via coaxial cable for remote applications.The 1.4M,2.8M,5M,6M,8M and 29M GigE cameras enables data to be transmitted up to 100M without Frame grabber;employing the robust, easy to use GigE protocol.

ModelSensorResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSChromaMountInterfaceDatasheet
IMB-7529GK35mm29MP5.5µm2MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMB-2529CL25MP5.5µm5MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMB-7080GK4/3″8MP5.5µm8MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-7080GK4/3″8MP5.5µm8ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-7060G1″6MP4.54µm13MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-7060G1″6MP4.54µm13ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-7050G2/3″5MP3.45µm15MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-7050G2/3″5MP3.45µm15ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-7040GK1″4MP5.5µm16MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-7040GK1″4MP5.5µm16ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-7028G1/1.8″2.8MP3.69µm25MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-7028G1/1.8″2.8MP3.69µm25ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-2625CL25MP4.5µm30MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-2625CL25MP4.5µm30ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-7018G2/3″1.4MP6.45µm30MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-7018G2/3″1.4MP6.45µm30ColorC/FGigEView Details
IMB-2625CXP25MP4.5µm72MonoC/FGigEView Details
IMC-2625CXP25MP4.5µm72ColorC/FGigEView Details

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