The Gobi 640 is perfectly suited for high-speed imaging in full 640×480 resolution with frame rates up to 50 Hz or higher in windowing mode. The Gobi 640 combines high image quality with high thermal resolution and accurate thermal analysis capabilities.

Setup and use of the Gobi cameras are hassle-free, with simplified startup procedures and compatibility with industry standard accessories. Interfacing can be done either through CameraLink or via GigE Vision.

The Gobi 640 offers full flexibility regarding system integration. A variety of interchangeable lenses and extensive software customization tools further supports this.

Together, these attributes ensure the Gobi 640 is able to provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective evaluation of your thermal imaging needs.

About this series

  • Xeneth camera control and imaging software is included
  • Small volume, low weight and low power consumption for demanding applications
  • External trigger for signal synchronization
  • Imaging in a reduced window of interest for increased frame rates
  • Digitization: The camera uses a 16 bit ADC
  • Low noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD)
  • 640×480 pixel resolution
  • Small form-factor product
ModelResolutionPixel pitchDimensions (W x H x L mmᵌ)Weight (excluding lens)Optical interfaceConnector GigEConnector CameraLinkConnector powerConnector triggerDatasheet
Gobi 640 GigE640 x 48017 μm49 x 49 x 79263 gM42 or M34 x 0.75RJ-45NAHirose HR10-7R-SA(73)SMAView Details
Gobi 640 CL 49 x 49 x 62208 gN.AStandard SDRView Details

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