Thermal imaging reaches new heights through the Gobi+ (plus) series.

Like the Gobi 640 cameras, the Gobi+ provides high resolution imaging at full 640 x 480. In order to fulfil ever higher requirements of demanding applications, the Gobi+ camera series comes with increased performance capabilities.

The Gobi+ brings enhanced image quality thanks to improved pixel operability as well as low detector noise of 50 mK NETD. High speed imaging is also provided with frame rates up to 60 Hz that can be further increased in windowing mode.

Integration of the Gobi+ is simple and hassle free, with a broad selection of industry standard accessories and extensive software customization tools.

Simply put, the Gobi+ improves upon the performance capabilities of the Gobi while keeping the best aspects intact.

About this series

Compact form factor: Small size and low weight, the Gobi+ is well suited for integration in control or vehicular systems

Higher performance: 640 x 480 pixel resolution is provided with increased frame rates of 60 Hz, as well as low 50 mK NETD detector noise.

Industry standard compatibility: Our cameras are GigE Vision compliant. The CameraLink cameras and Xeneth software are fully compatible with National Instruments and Euresys frame grabbers

Windowing mode: Imaging in a reduced window of interest for increased frame rates

ModelResolutionPixel pitchDimensions: (W x H x L)Weight (excluding lens)Optical interfaceConnector GigEConnector CameraLinkConnector powerConnector triggerDatasheet
Gobi+ 640 GigE640x48017µm49 x 49 x 79263gM42 or M34 x 0.75RJ-45N.AHirose HR10-7R-SA(73)SMAView Details
Gobi+ 640 CL640x48017µm49 x 49 x 62208gM42 or M34 x 0.75N.AStandard SDRHirose HR10-7R-SA(73)SMAView Details

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