GigE Camera Series

Imi Tech

  • CCD (Global Shutter) / CMOS Image Sensor
  • Color / Mono, VGA to 10MP High Resolution
  • Max 100fps, External trigger / strobe
  • User defined look-up table, User default memory save
  • Binning / ROI / Brightness / Sharpness / Gamma / Gain / WB / Hue
  • C / CS mount selectable, Back focal length adjustable
  • Operating Temp. -5°C~45°C (Storage -30°C~60°C)
  • 29 x 20 x 51.1mm (without lens adapter)
  • Cable lock with screws, POE support

About this series

IMI Tech GigE camera does not require a separate Framegrabber, a max. 100m data transmission, PoE support, and multi-camera use on one PC, provides a very flexible solution.The AMAZON2 700 series has various image sensors sizes, resolution and frame rates, a form factor size that is optimized for industrial equipment, trigger/strobe port resistant to external noise and cable locks for moving systems that provide stability and convenience. The AMAZON2 cameras comply with GenICam 2.3 and provide API/SDK & Demo software to assist with system development under Visual C++ (6.0 more), Visual Basic (32bit), Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C# etc. Furthermore, we provide a variety of support.

ModelSensorResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSChromaMountInterfaceDatasheet
IMC-710G1/4″0.3MP5.6100ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-710G1/4″0.3MP5.6100MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-711G1/3″0.3MP7.490ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-711G1/3″0.3MP7.490MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-712G1/2″0.3MP9.990ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-712G1/2″0.3MP9.990MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-715G1/3″0.78MP4.6536ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-715G1/3″0.78MP4.6536MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-715G21/3″0.9MP4.0830ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-716G1/3″1.3MP3.7530ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-716G1/3″1.3MP3.7530MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-7171/2″1.4MP4.6530ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-7171/2″1.4MP4.6530MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-720G1/1.8″2MP4.425 / 16ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-720G1/1.8″2MP4.425 / 16MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-728G1/1.8″2.8MP3.6920ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-728G1/1.8″2.8MP3.6920MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-750GC1/2.5″5MP2.214ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-750GC1/2.5″5MP2.214MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-770GC1/2.3″10MP1.677.3ColorC / CSGigEView Details

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