GigE Camera Series

Imi Tech

Key Feature

  • VGA to 5MP (Color / Mono)
  • CCD sensor with Global Shutter
  • 15 to 86 frame per second
  • External Hardware Trigger/Strobe
  • C/CS Mount selectable
  • Cable lock with screws
  • 40(W) x 40(W) x 48.8(D)mm, 55(W) x 55(H) x 50.5(D)mm
  • DC 8~30V / 220g


About this series


The Amazon2 700 Series is a group of industrial digital cameras that are compliant with both the Gigabit Ethernet and with the GigE Vision standards. They provide high quality performance with various resolutions and frame rates; all at very competitive pricing. A list of outstanding features provide excellent flexibility for the user! The small housing (29mm(W) x 29mm(H) x 51mm(D) and 58 g) will fit most industrial camera applications. Select one of our GigE Vision Amazon2 700 Series cameras and make your industrial vision project more successful and efficient.

IMI Tech GigE camera does not require a separate Framegrabber, a max. 100m data transmission, PoE support, and multi-camera use on one PC, provides a very flexible solution.The AMAZON2 700 series has various image sensors sizes, resolution and frame rates, a form factor size that is optimized for industrial equipment, trigger/strobe port resistant to external noise and cable locks for moving systems that provide stability and convenience. The AMAZON2 cameras comply with GenICam 2.3 and provide API/SDK & Demo software to assist with system development under Visual C++ (6.0 more), Visual Basic (32bit), Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C# etc. Furthermore, we provide a variety of support.

Application Area

Machine Vision (Semiconductor, Automotive, Robotics)
Medical (Microscopy, Dental Medicine)
Sport Science (Motion Analysis, Physical)
ITS (ANPR/LPR, Traffic Monitoring)

ModelSensorResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSChromaMountInterfaceDatasheet
IMB-751G2/3”5.0MP ≤ pixels < 10.0MP3.4515MonoC / CSGigE
IMC-751G2/3”5.0MP ≤ pixels < 10.0MP3.4515ColorC / CSGigE
IMC-710G1/4″0.3MP5.6100ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-710G1/4″0.3MP5.6100MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-711G1/3″0.3MP7.490ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-711G1/3″0.3MP7.490MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-712G1/2″0.3MP9.990ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-712G1/2″0.3MP9.990MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-715G1/3″0.78MP4.6536ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-715G1/3″0.78MP4.6536MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-715G21/3″0.9MP4.0830ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-716G1/3″1.3MP3.7530ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-716G1/3″1.3MP3.7530MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-7171/2″1.4MP4.6530ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-7171/2″1.4MP4.6530MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-720G1/1.8″2MP4.425 / 16ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-720G1/1.8″2MP4.425 / 16MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-728G1/1.8″2.8MP3.6920ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-728G1/1.8″2.8MP3.6920MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-750GC1/2.5″5MP2.214ColorC / CSGigEView Details
IMB-750GC1/2.5″5MP2.214MonoC / CSGigEView Details
IMC-770GC1/2.3″10MP1.677.3ColorC / CSGigEView Details

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