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Gardasoft TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controller

The Gardasoft TR-CL180 is a single-channel industrial Lens Controller which provides very accurate and repeatable control of tunable lenses. The TR-CL180 has been developed in close collaboration with Optotune. The TR-CL180 includes a precise, constant current drive for the liquid lens and is able to read data stored within the liquid lens. It is compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci, EL-16-40-TC and EL-3-10 tunable lenses.

Key features:

  • One channel high resolution output
  • Include constant current Lens drive and Lens EEPROM data communications
  • -400mA to +400mA in 0.1mA steps
  • Compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC and EL-3-10 lenses
  • Full current calibration with lens temperature compensation

Application benefits:

  • Industrial, precision control for Optotune lenses
  • Easy connection with cameras and lighting via triniti Intelligent Machine Vision platform
  • GigE Vision compliance, lenses therefore easily integrated with standard Image Processes software
Parameter TR-HT220 TR-HT260
User interface Ethernet RS232
Output channels Two independent precision constant current outputs
Output channels (continuous) 5A max per channel (within 150W envelope)
Output current (pulsed) 50A max per channel (within 150W envelope) In steps of 0.6mA for currents ≤2A In steps of 15mA for currents >2A
Output power 150W max average power per channel, 300W max total
Trigger input Opto-isolated digital inputs. Logic HI = 3V min, 24V max
Trigger Delay (td) 3µs to 5seconds
Pulse Width (PW)1 20µs to 5seconds
Minimum Step Change (PW+td≤500µs)2 0.1 µs typ
Minimum Step Change (500µs<PW+td≤100ms)2 5.0 µs typ
Minimum Step Change (100ms<PW+td≤10s)2 100 µs typ
Trigger rate 30kHz max
Output voltage 72V max per channel
Triniti interface Gardasoft 4-wire Triniti lighting interface
Triniti communications interface GigE Vision V2.0, GenICam, UDP/TCP, Third party protocols
Supply voltage, full output power 21.6 to 52.8 VDC
Supply voltage, limited output power3 10.8 to 21.6 VDC
Dimensions 256x140x61 mm
Weight 1.3kg
Mounting 6 off M4 clearance holes on integral mounting flanges. Fix TR-HT to heatsinking surface.
Operating temperature +5 to +50°C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Standards CE, RoHS2, REACH