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Gardasoft RC Series LED Lighting Controllers

The RC range is Gardasoft’s latest generation of LED lighting controller solutions for machine vision applications. Implementing our patented SafePower™ technology, installation is very easy, removing the needs of perhaps having to use a bespoke DC power supply or heat sinking the controller. All RC models also include our SafeSense™ technology. To get the very best out of your LED lighting solution, in terms of brightness stability and control, lighting should be driven from a current source, not a nominal voltage supply. The Gardasoft RC Series controllers are therefore single channel current source devices.

Key features:

  • Entry level controllers
  • Single channel LED control
  • Push button and Ethernet configuration options
  • SafeSense™ technology for safe overdriving
  • SafePower™ for easy installation
  • Compatible with nearly any LED lighting assembly available today
Parameter RC100 RC120
User interface Push-button Ethernet and Push-button
Output channels One constant current output with SafeSense™
Output current Up to 1.0A continuous or 1.0A pulsed Up to 1.2A continuous or 2.0A pulsed
Output Power Max 25W
Trigger inputs Smart input compatible with 3V-24V, TTL, NPN, and PNP Input impedance (nominal): 50kohm
Pulse Timing From 100µs to 100ms in steps of 100µs
Delay from trigger to pulse From 2µs to 100ms in steps of 100µs
Timing repeatability (Delay) ±5µs (Delay + Pulse up to 60ms) Otherwise ±50µs
Timing repeatability (Pulse width) ±0.1µs (Delay + Pulse up to 1ms) ±5µs (Delay + Pulse from >1ms to 60ms) Otherwise ±50µs
Switch mode latency Maximum 100µs
Trigger rate Maximum 100Hz
Output voltage 0V to 32V
Supply voltage Regulated 24V ±10% A SELV power supply is required
Dimensions 101mm long by 35mm wide by 120mm high (excluding DIN fixing)
Weight 175g
Mounting DIN rail mount as standard
Operating temperature 5 to 50°C
Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing