FXO Series

SVS Vistek

Powerful camera features

  • Resolutions up to 24.5 megapixels (up to 1.2″) in a small C-mount housing
  • Thermally highly optimized milled housing
  • State-of-the-art interfaces 10GigE and CoaXPress-12 with PoE or PoCXP
  • Mono and Color (Bayer) with auto white balance
  • Various trigger and exposure modes, global shutter
  • Auto and manual gain and exposure
  • Various binning modes with performance boost
  • Area of ​​Interest (AOI/ROI)
  • 8 or 12 bit color depth
  • 1024 MB image memory (10GigE)
  • Logical trigger functions (PLC)
  • Power output (4-channel strobe controller) with 3A max
  • Electric and optical inputs TTL-24V
  • Programmable timers and sequencers with logic modules
  • SDK for Windows and Linux (X86, ARM) available
  • GenTL driver, GenICam Standard 3.0

About this series

The FXO: Outstanding image and the latest interfaces

Best image quality fast interfaces

The fourth generation of the Pregius S sensor from Sony with global shutter shines with outstanding image quality and is the heart of the FXO series. The 2.74 µm pixel has a high sensitivity to light and at the same time very low noise. The excellent homogeneity and dynamic range of the image is setting standards.

A housing that is elaborately milled for each sensor size offers the optimal temperature distribution for this high-performance sensor. The FXO combines this sensor with the fastest interfaces in the machine vision sector.

With an excellent image, fast interfaces, diverse inputs and an integrated multi-channel strobe controller, the FXO offers an extremely flexible, powerful and, at the same time, economical camera concept. The small pixel enables the use of cheaper lenses for the high resolutions.

Areas of application

The field of application of the FXO covers  highest demands on image quality and data rate. The small pixel allows inexpensive lenses in the application and a camera with a small footprint and high resolution. The integrated GenICam strobe controller effectively saves costs by reducing components. In plant engineering, the fast FXO scores with the latest sensor technology and the extended temperature range, many I / O interfaces and the integrated strobe controller.
ModelMPFrame Rate (fps)ChromaInterfaceDatasheet
fxo547CCX5123colorCXP-AS 1 LaneView Details
fxo547MCX5123monoCXP-12 1 laneView Details
fxo546CCX8.188colorCXP-12 1 laneView Details
fxo546MCX8.188monoCXP-12 1 laneView Details
fxo545CCX12.361ColorCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo545MCX12.361monoCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo542CCX16.145.6colorCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo542MCX16.145.6monoCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo541CCX20.235.7colorCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo541MCX20.235.7monoCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo540CCX24.430.4colorCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo540MCX24.430.4monoCXP-12 1 LaneView Details
fxo547CXGE5123color10GigEView Details
fxo547MXGE5123mono10GigEView Details
fxo545CXGE12.361color10GigEView Details
fxo545MXGE12.361mono10GigEView Details
fxo542CXGE16.145.6color10GigEView Details
fxo542MXGE16.145.6mono10GigEView Details
fxo541CXGE20.333color10GigEView Details
fxo541MXGE20.333mono10GigEView Details
fxo540CXGE24.530.4color10GigEView Details
fxo540MXGE24.530.4mono10GigEView Details

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