EXO Series

SVS Vistek

The SVCam-EXO Series:

Powerful Features

  • Resolution 2.3 to 31 megapixel (up to 4/3″)
  • Latest CCD CMOS sensors from Sony and CMOSIS
  • Monochrome and color versions (Bayer pattern)
  • Various trigger and exposure modes
  • Logic trigger functions (PLC)
  • Adjustable gain, auto gain and auto- exposure
  • Binning mode
  • Area of interest (AOI / ROI)
  • White balance for color versions
  • C-Mount, M42 or Micro Four Thirds lens adapter
  • 8/12 Bit video data stream (14 Bit ADC with CCD)
  • 256 MB burst mode memory inside (GigE)
  • 4 x Power Output (4-channel strobe controller)
  • electric and optical input
  • Programmable sequencer für shutter and LED lights
  • SDK for Windows and Linux available
  • GenTL driver, GenICam 3.0 standard
  • Trigger voltage TTL-24V

About this series

The precision-machined aluminum housing forms the platform for a powerful new industrial camera. Easy to integrate with its uniform mounting holes, the EXO provides a stable suspension bracket for any kind of lens.

Delivering brilliant images, the EXO with its advanced electronics offers a very flexible and economic camera concept. Powerful imaging features, a variety of in- and outputs, PLC functionality and an integrated multichannel strobe controller help system integrators to be in perfect control of any machine vision request.

Extended Temperature Range and a choice of interfaces

A tight thermal connection of the low-power dissipation electronics and the sensor to the aluminium unibody housing enables for most EXOs operation in an extended operating temperature range from -10°C…+60°C.

he EXO comes in standard C-mount housing or in Tracer flavour with full lens control and a Micro Four Thirds Bayonet. The new large sensors are supported with M42 mount. It is available with GigE-Vision, Camera Link or USB3-Vision interface and is supporting latest standards as USB 3.1 and GenIcam 3.0. The integrated power-I/O interface with its PLC functionality covers simple control tasks in nanoseconds precision or drives up to 4 LED lights without additional components.

With uniform size and standard interfaces comes simple inter­change­ability, allowing the system integrator to easily create solutions to varying conditions and requirements – with minimal design effort.A robust and precise camera series with uniform pinout and dimensions, easily scalable with a wide choice of latest CCD and CMOS sensors, available with the most important interface standards and rich of important features.


ModelSensorResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSMountInterfaceDatasheet
exo1741/1.2″2.3MP5.8646CGigEView Details
exo1741/1.2″2.3MP5.8650CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo1741/1.2″2.3MP5.86162*CUSB3View Details
exo6742/3″2.8MP4.5420CGigEView Details
exo6742/3″2.8MP4.5420CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo6742/3″2.8MP4.5426*CUSB3View Details
exo6951″6MP4.5413CGigEView Details
exo6951″6MP4.5413CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo6951″6MP4.5425*CUSB3View Details
exo8151″9MP3.699CGigEView Details
exo8151″9MP3.699CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo8151″9MP3.699*CUSB3View Details
exo8341″12MP3.17CGigEView Details
exo8341″12MP3.17CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo8341″12MP3.17*CUSB3View Details
exo40001″4MP5.515CGigEView Details
exo40001″4MP5.515CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo40001″4MP5.590*CUSB3View Details
exo10501/2″1MP5.560CGigEView Details
exo10501/2″1MP5.590CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo10501/2″1MP5.590*CUSB3View Details
exo40221″4MP7.415M42GigEView Details
exo40221″4MP7.425M42CAMERA LINKView Details
exo40221″4MP7.425*M42USB3View Details
exo40701″4MP7.415M42GigEView Details
exo40701″4MP7.425M42CAMERA LINKView Details
exo40701″4MP7.425*M42USB3View Details
exo40501″4MP5.515CGigEView Details
exo40501″4MP5.525CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo40501″4MP5.525*CUSB3View Details
exo300*1/4″0.3MP4.8300CGigEView Details
exo300*1/4″0.3MP4.8300CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo300*1/4″0.3MP4.8850*CUSB3View Details
exo500*1/3,6″0.5MP4.8200CGigEView Details
exo500*1/3,6″0.5MP4.8200CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo500*1/3,6″0.5MP4.8560*CUSB3View Details
exo1300*1/2″1.3MP4.875CGigEView Details
exo1300*1/2″1.3MP4.875CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo1300*1/2″1.3MP4.8210*CUSB3View Details
exo2000*2/3″2MP4.840CGigEView Details
exo2000*2/3″2MP4.840CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo2000*2/3″2MP4.8150*CUSB3View Details
exo5000*1″5MP4.815CGigEView Details
exo5000*1″5MP4.815CCAMERA LINKView Details
exo5000*1″5MP4.860*CUSB3View Details

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