EVO Series

SVS Vistek

The SVCam-EVO Series: Compact Power

Maximum camera technology in the smallest package. With High-end TrueSense sensors the cameras of the SVCam-EVO series offer extraordinary performance in a very compact housing.

About this series

Cameras from SVS VISTEK provide you with more than just state-of-the-art technology:

Efficient, streamlined and customer oriented processes in production, administration and service ensure punctual delivery, highest quality standards and ease of integration of our cameras. The company headquarters in Seefeld, Germany. Today SVS VISTEK is one of the most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras with an international presence.

ModelSensorResolutionPixel Size (µm)FPSMountInterfaceDatasheet
evo10501/2″1MP5.5147CGigEView Details
evo10501/2″1MP5.5180CCAMERA LINKView Details
evo20502/3″2MP5.581.8CGigEView Details
evo20502/3″2MP5.5106CCAMERA LINKView Details
evo21502/3″2MP5.578CGigEView Details
evo21502/3″2MP5.5100CCAMERA LINKView Details
evo40501″4MP5.541.6CGigEView Details
evo40501″4MP5.552CCAMERA LINKView Details
evo407021.43mm4MP7.439.3M42GigEView Details
evo407021.43mm4MP7.444M42CAMERA LINKView Details
evo60401″6MP4.726M42GigEView Details
evo80514/3″8MP5.521.8M42GigEView Details
evo80514/3″8MP5.526.8M42CAMERA LINKView Details
evo120404/3″12MP4.715M42GigEView Details
evo120404/3″12MP4.7-M42CAMERA LINKView Details
evo694*1″6MP4.5420CGigEView Details
evo694*1″6MP4.5420CCAMERA LINKView Details
evo814*1″9MP3.6914CGigEView Details
evo814*1″9MP3.6918CCAMERA LINKView Details
evo834*1″12MP3.111CGigEView Details
evo834*1″12MP3.114CCAMERA LINKView Details

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