Digital Lighting Controllers


DLC-C2P6-D-E Current LED Lighting Controller with Ethernet Interface. Ethernet – the future for Machine Vision

  • Uses Same Cabling as GigE
  • Configure Using Web Browser
  • Integrates with Machine Vision Software

The DLC-C2P6-D-E Range has options for normal or fast pulsing and with Ethernet interface.

About this series

DLC-C2P6-D-E LED Lighting Controllers

The DLC-C2P6-D-E LED Lighting controller has all the features of Lighting controllers With the introduction of GigE cameras, the machine vision market is moving towards Ethernet. The advantage of Ethernet is that it is fast, long distance, standardised worldwide and implementation is inexpensive.

Flexible Operation:

The DLC-C2P6-D-E provides control of LED lighting for machine vision applications. It includes the power regulation, intensity control,  timing and triggering functions required for machine vision systems.

Three modes of operation are provided separately for each channel:
Continuous:     Output is a continuous current.
Pulsed:           Output is pulsed once per trigger.
Switched:        Output switched according to a digital input.

User InterfaceOutput ChannelsTrigger InputsDimensionsModelDatasheet 1Datasheet 2
Ethernet2 channel output3V to 24V118L x 76W x 27HDLC-C2P6-D-EView DetailsView Details

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