Deep learning s/w library for machine vision

SUALAB specialized in A.I. (Deep learning) image analysis technology, providing a fast, accurate and user-friendly Deep learning machine vision S/W library for manufacturing industry.


About this series

SuaKIT is a deep learning machine vision inspection software that can be used in various manufacturing fields such as display, solar, PCB, film, and semiconductor.

SuaKIT Training Methods

Single Image AnalysisImage comparisonMulti Image AnalysisOne Class Learning
Train and inspect features of each imageTrain and inspect defects by focusing on the differences between two images.Train and inspect defects by analyzing the correlations among various images.Inspect defects by training only normal images (Without defect images).

SuaKIT Core Functions

Inspect defect areas by analyzing various defects on the products.Classify images and categorize them into defect types or OK/NG groups.Detect each target object in an image by class.


SuaKIT Developer VersionCreate/Test a Deep-learning model & C++/C# based APIs
SuaKIT Runtime versionAllows deployed PC to run SuaKIT model

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