Linear/Bar Lights (Connect A Light)

Smart Vision Lights

Daisy chain allows for a standard 5PM12 jumper cable to be used to connect Linear lights together. Lights are able to be spaced apart from each other. LXE300 lights allow for connecting lights together with no additional cables. Lights are directly connected together, with no space between the lights.


About this series

The LXE300 Linear Light is our brightest and most advanced linear light. Delivering up to 100,000 lux, the LXE300 also includes our advanced Multi-Drive™ driver, allowing users to operate the linear light in continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe (high-pulse operation) mode. Users can also direct connect up to six LXE300 lights to create ultra-long linear lights at a fraction of the cost of traditional monolithic solutions without any loss in uniformity. The LXE300 can also be connected by daisy-chaining them together using a locking jumper cable. The LXE300 Linear Light is rated for IP65.

The built-in driver on the LXE300 series features Multi-Drive™, allowing the user to operate the light in Continuous Operation or OverDrive™ depending on the wiring method. The industry standard 5 Pin M12 connector makes for simple wiring. The 1-10V analog control line gives the user total control over intensity in the continuous mode. The user simply sets the product parameters to the maximum allowed intensity (see datasheet). Removing the signal will put the light into OverDrive™ mode.

LZE300Multidrive, Nanodrive technology
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L300Continuous Operation, Strobe ModeView Details
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LB300Continuous Operation, Strobe ModeView Details
LW300Continuous Operation, Strobe ModeView Details
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