CC320 (Trigger timing controller)


  • Integrates encoders, cameras, lighting, proximity sensors, reject gates
  • Fast and simple set up – no complicated programming routines
  • Ethernet enabled for remote interfacing
  • Fast and accurate timing functions
  • Small compact size
  • A true single component solution for machine vision integration applications
  • Camera trigger timing
  • Reject gate timing
  • Remote digital input and output

About this series

When combining lighting, cameras, proximity sensors and encoders to generate an automated solution, the CC320 Trigger Timing Controller is the single component for fast affordable integration. With 8 independent input channels, the controller can take a range of input signals from various components and use these to trigger events on any of the 8 independent output channels.

Each of the 8 output channels can be individually programmed offering complete control over the pulse delay and pulse width, as well as a trigger delay enabling filtering of noisy trigger signals. In applications where encoders are connected to the input channels, outputs can be configured as functions of encoder pulses rather than absolute time values, creating a very versatile solution.

ModelDigital inputsDigital outputsConfiguration interfaceDigital input formatDigital output formatSupply voltageDimensionsWeightMounting
CC32088Ethernet – TCP/IP or web browser or pushbutton and displayCommon cathode opto input 5V to 24V at 3mA to 20mAOpen collector, switching 24V and 20mARegulated 12V to 24V146mm by 49mm by 24mm200gDIN rail or panel mounting

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