Canon AI Powered Vision System


AI Image Solution for Smart City

AIVS enables complex detections accurately in various environments to recognize moving objects using patterns and AI recognition algorithm.
AIVS enables independent monitoring such as stock inventory management and risk prediction etc, while reducing the network load with edge processing
AIVS recognize customers and product movements to streamline your store operations.
Smart City
The application of AIVS is not limited to inspection, monitoring and marketing. By combining AIVS with large scale computing resources, contribute to development of smart city.

About this series

GPU fast image processing solution for customers in industry fields

Stand-alone operation that does not require a PC
The newly developed engine unit is equipped with NVIDIA GPU. Edge processing makes an image processing PC unnecessary.
Interface that supports diverse needs
Comes standard with an interface necessary for machine vision, including GPIO for external triggers and lighting ports. As communication features, it comes equipped with a wireless communications module, in addition to GbE.
Input from multiple camera systems
Future plans include providing a library that enables connecting and controlling multiple camera unit systems. This makes it possible to shoot from multiple angles and capture images with parallax.
End-to-end solution\
M2M solution
We provide end-to-end solutions including specialized hardware development and driver development, based on collaboration with NVIDIA. This solves challenges industrial field customers have who do not have development knowhow or resources.
IoT/AI Platform
The engine unit is compatible with GbE/Wi-Fi/LTE, and can be accessed from web applications/API. This contributes to building smart factories. It also uses energy saving miniaturization, a high-quality engine unit, and secure applications to ensure business scalability.
Newly developed image processing software
Device API that enables camera control
Use the device API to finely control sensitivity, exposure time, flash-synchronized shooting, and others on the specially developed Canon image sensor.
Diverse image processing library
Developed a new image processing library necessary for machine vision, including pattern matching, blob analysis, edge measurement, space filtering, and calibration. Strengths also include the capability of high speed image processing on GPU.
These features contribute to streamlining visual inspection process and other processes in factories.

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