Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Vision Software


NEURO-T is a no-code software for training image-related deep learning models. With intuitive GUI and Auto Deep Learning algorithm,
anyone can create the best performing deep learning models. No-code deep learning software that enables
non-experts to easily create model.

NEURO-R is a runtime that helps with model deployment, supporting optimized integration with various inference platforms including GPUand embedded processors.Runtime API that can be easily integrated into existing system (compatible with C# and C++).


  • Advanced Data Management System
  • Server-Client Architecture
  • Flexible Inference Platforms


About this series

NEUROCLE is a company that provides Deep Learning Vision Software, which believes that innovation in deep learning can enhance the quality of life. Our vision is to enable people to apply deep learning technologies to everywhere they like with easy-to-use software. No matter who the users are and what kind of system they use, we help people solve deep learning image problems.

Deep Learning Model Types

  • Classification model evaluates the image as a whole, identifying the class an image belongs to among a provided list of classes.
  • Segmentation model recognizes an object, its shape, and location within an image. It is perfect for locating the exact defect area, or for discovering multiple types of objects within the image.
  • Detection model detects instances of certain objects within the image. It shows size and location of the object in a bounding box format and distinguishes its class.
  • OCR is specialized in recognizing texts in the images. This model can detect text from the image and recognize each characters within it.
  • Anomaly Detection model identifies outliars and captures rare items or observations that differ significantly from the majority of the data.


  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Logistics
  • Security/Defense
  • Agriculture

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