3D For Transparent Glass


About this series

TranZ Multiview Deflectometry
100% 3D Inspection For Glass & Metal

TransZ ensures 100% coverage & 100% reliable inspection by:

  • Using multiple cameras for full coverage and reliable data by multi-view analysis
  • Rigorous calibration of cameras and deflectometry setup
  • Proprietary multi-phase algorithm for focus resistance and excellent S/N ratio
  • Maximizes performance through algorithms optimized for SIMD and GPU
  • Customized solution to meet resolution and speed needs of various market segments

Mobile Screen 3D Inspection

Glass screen covers are a critical component of modern smart phones. Introduction of beveled edges and rounded corners make their quality control even more important. The covers are made from toughened glass which is transparent. The inspection needs high quality 3D data at line speeds. Laser scanning is not an option as it does not work with transparent surfaces. Traditional 3D imaging technologies like CMMs can measure glass but are very expensive and too slow to meet production line speeds and high volumes.

As glass reflects light at a certain angle, Phase Shift Deflectometry (PSD) traditionally used for mirror can be used for measuring 3D surface normals and position for glass. TransZ uses cutting edge deflectometry to inspect mobile screen glass. Multiple cameras allow TransZ to cover sharp edges and curves. Multiview image analysis also removes the ambiguity between surface normal and position inherent to deflectometry.


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