Canon 19µm CMOS Sensor Creates New Possibilities in a Number of Industries

For defense, astronomy, scientific, life sciences, medical, industrial R & D, and high-end security and surveillance, the 35MMFHDSXS_A sensors are ideal for:

  • Night Vision
  • Surveillance
  • “Big Science” telescopy
  • Neuroscience
  • Fluorescence imaging/microscopy
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Microscopy
  • Machine vision
  • Surveillance and security

About this series


High Sensitivity in Low Light

The Canon 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors use new pixel and readout circuitry technologies delivering ultra-high sensitivity with a 2.76 megapixel resolution. The enormous 19µm pixels, which minimize noise and dark current and allow control over readout position and frame rate, make the 35MMFHDXS_A sensors unique in capabilities among all other CMOS sensors for low light imaging. These CMOS sensors are available in monochrome (35MMFHDXSMA) and color (35MMFHDXSCA).

Large Pixel Sizes With Minimal Noise

By using a progressively increasing electric field profile to efficiently transfer electrons off the large photodiode, Canon’s 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors can effectively leverage 19µm pixels while minimizing noise. Further, proprietary designs are leveraged to minimize dark current over long exposure times. These features, combined with a full area scan frame rate of 98fps at a resolution of 2160 x 1280, enable excellent imaging in applications requiring highly sensitive capture in low light.


Filter TypeSensitivity (e/lx/sec @gain x1)ResolutionEffective PixelsSensor SizePixel SizeMaximum Frame Rate (All Pixels)Shutter TypeDark Random Noise
RGB1,100,000 (green)2.76 megapixels2160 x 1280 (Horizontal x Vertical)41.04mm x 24.32mm (Full Frame)19µm x 19µm98 fps Rolling2.2e rms @ gain x16

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