25 GigE BOLT Series

Emergent Vision Technologies

Emergent Vision Technologies and Mellanox have partnered to provide an optimal solution for Machine Vision applications. Mellanox supplies their NICs pre-programmed with VMA and are available direct from Emergent. Using an EVT 25 GigE Camera with Mellanox Cards provides the user with a less the 5% CPU Utilization!

25 GigE Area-Scan Cameras BOLT Series

  • 25GigE SFP28 interface
  • 0.5 to 65 Megapixels
  • Frame rates up to 1594.7 fps
  • Latest CMOS sensors from Sony, AMS, and Gpixel
  • Low CPU overhead, latency, and jitter
  • Optional IP67 housing

About this series

Emergent 25 GigE cameras, coupled with Mellanox’ VMA, equals or out-performs other interfaces in every technical category and its price performance is the best. With VMA, all the shortcomings associated with 1GigE w.r.t. CPU utilization, latency and jitter are obliterated. Industry acceptance is already very good and will only get better.

BOLT Series cameras are equipped with an ultra high-speed 25GigE SFP28 interface. SFP28 offers two supported cabling options for cable lengths from 1 meter to 10 kilometers. BOLT Series cameras feature the latest CMOS sensors with global shutter technology from Sony, AMS and Gpixel. Models range from 0.5 to 50 Megapixels with frame rates up to 1594.7 fps at full resolution. Other benefits include low CPU overhead, low latency, low jitter, accurate multi-camera synchronization using IEEE1588, and low-cost accessories.

ModelSensorResolutionMegapixelsSensor TypeCell SizeFPSStandard MountDatasheet
HB12000CMV120004096 x 307212MP28mm CMOS5.5μm square188M42x1x12mm BFL, Optional F Mount AvailableView Details
HB50000CMV500007920x600450MP35mm CMOS4.6μm square3052mm, M52x1.5x12mm BFL, F-mount AvailableView Details
HB-500-SSony IMX426812 x 6200.50MP1/1.7 - 9.2mm CMOS9μm1594.7 fps / TBDC MountView Details
HB-1800-SSony IMX4251604 x 11001.76MP1.1” - 17.6mm CMOS9μm662.1 fps / TBDC MountView Details
HB-2000-SSony IMX4221624 x 12402.01MP1/1.7 - 9.2mm CMOS4.5μm477.6 fps / TBDC MountView Details
HB-2800-SSony IMX4211936 x 14642.8MP2/3” - 11.0mm CMOS4.5μm409.2 fps / TBDC MountView Details
HB-7000-SSony IMX4203208 x 22007.06MP1.1” - 17.6mm CMOS4.5μm207.1 fps / TBDC MountView Details
HB-17000-SIMX3875456 x 307616.8MPFour Thirds (16:9) - CMOS3.45μm square61fps / TBD52mm, M52x1.5x12mm BFL, F-mount AvailableView Details
HB-20000-SIMX3674416 x 442819.5MPFour Thirds (1:1) - CMOS3.45μm square43fps / TBD52mm, M52x1.5x12mm BFL, F-mount AvailableView Details
HB-30000-SIMX3426464 x 485231.36MPAPS-C (4:3) CMOS3.45μm square35.4fps / TBD52mm, M52x1.5x12mm BFL, F-mount AvailableView Details

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