2/3″ 5MP Low magnification telecentric lenses


Key Feature

  • Bring out the best quality in 5 Mega Pixel (3.45 μ of 2/3 inch)
  • Suitable for 3.45 μ or smaller pixel size
  • 0.14x, 0.17x, 0.22x are available
  • Long working distance, WD150mm
  • WD180mm type is available for 0.14x
  • Compact design with low magnification
  • Adjustable iris, possible to adjust depth of field

About this series

Possible to capture large field of view with high resolution.

ModelImage FormatMagnificationWorking DistanceMountDatasheet
MGTL019VM 2/3"0.19150mmCView Details
MGTL014VM2/3"0.14150.3 mmCView Details
MGTL014VM-1802/3"0.14180 mmCView Details
MGTL017VM2/3"0.17150.6 mmCView Details
MGTL022VM2/3"0.22150.7 mmCView Details

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