100µm Pixel Sensors


About this series

A versatile, feature-rich range of wafer-scale image sensors incorporating ISDI’s patented radiation-hard low noise pixel architecture. Sensors may be butted to create a larger contiguous image area.

Model Active area (cm) h x vResolution (h x v)Frame rate max (fps)Tile buttingDigital outputsPackage dimensions (cm)Datasheet
HP-2301P23.3 x 0.732331 x 76480none44 LVDS23.5 x 6.1View Details
HP-1501P14.8 x 0.761484 x 76480none28 LVDS15.0 x 6.1View Details
NE-222222.0 x 21.72201 x 21731122-side68 LVDS27.0 x 21.8View Details
NE-151515.0 x 15.01500 x 1505583-side24 LVDS 17.5 x 15.0View Details
NE-151114.5 x 11.01451 x 11001123-side22 LVDS14.5 x 13.5View Details
IS-313130.9 x 30.73095 x 30733095 x 3073 No300 x CMOS31.2 x 35.5View Details
IS-151010.3 x 15.3 1031 x 1536663-side50 x CMOS10.3 x 17.7View Details
IS-051010.3 x 5.11031 x 5121983-side 50 x CMOS 10.3 x 7.4View Details

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