1.1″ 12MP Telecentric lenses


Key features

  • 0.3x Bi-telecentric lens for 12 Mega Pixel (1.1 inch , 3.1 μ )
  • Super high resolution, suitable 3.1 μ or smaller pixel
  • Long working distance, 150mm with excellent brightness
  • Variable iris, possible to adjust DOF
  • Suitable for measurement and inspection, required for high accu racy
  • Co-axial type is also available

About this series

Suitable for 6.5 Mega Pixel – 12 Mega Pixel sensor

ModelImage FormatMagnificationWorking DistanceMountDatasheet
MGTL0345V 1.1"0.345160CView Details
MGTL03V1.1"0.3151 mmCView Details
MGTL03VC1.1"0.3151 mmCView Details

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