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The AFSB-CLAMP HANDLE kit can be used in the standard and XS series knuckles (AFSB-2, AFSB290, AFSB-2XS, AFSB-2XS90, and the AFSB-2-2XS coupler) to make quick adjustments in the positioning of the arms. Remove one of the screws of the knuckle and add the spacer and handle. Once the position is set, tighten the remaining screws. The handle and spacer can then be removed and the original screw can be re-inserted, or the handle can be left on the knuckle.


This kit is ready to add a robot mounting plate and vacuum cups to create a 4 arm vacuum gripper. Includes (4) AFSB-1000-10-V gripper arms, Aluminum Extrusion, and bottom cap. Robot mounting plate must be ordered separately. Does not include Vacuum cups.


This kit has a monitor mount for VESA 75mm and100mm. Includes (1) AFSB-9 Plate,(2) AFSB-1 Bases, (3) AFSB-2 knuckles,(2) AFSB-3-4” Links.

The 3/16 T-Handle wrench is used on the standard series to mount the AFSB-1 Ball Base to all of the standard series plates.

The 5/32 T-Handle wrench is use for the screws in all of the knuckles in both the standard series and XS series (AFSB-2, AFSB-290, AFSB-2XS, AFSB-2XS90, and AFSB-2-2XS) as well as the AFSB-1XS Ball Base mounting to the XS series mounting plates.


This kit has an AFSB-7 with a 30mm thread for mounting stack lights for status. Includes (1) AFSB-7 Sensor Mount, (1) AFSB-1 Base, (1) AFSB-2 knuckle.


This kit is the base Tee Link kit ready for Additions. This kit includes (1) AFSB-1 base, (1) AFSB-290 tee knuckle, (1) AFSB-3T tee link, (2) AFSB-2 knuckles.


This kit has 2 AFSB-4 which have M30 threads for mounting start button or E-stop buttons. Includes (2) AFSB-4 Button Bases, (1) AFSB-1 Base, (1) AFSB-290 tee knuckle, (1) AFSB-3T tee link, (2) AFSB-2 knuckles.


This kit has a M30 thread for mounting start or E-stop button. Includes (1) AFSB-4 Button Base, (1) AFSB-1 Base, (1) AFSB-2 knuckle.