Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: Emergent Vision Technologies Award winning linescan camera!

Event Highlights,Technology News 9 November, 2018

Award winning linescan camera featuring single, bilinear & trilinear all-in-one package. Emergent Vision Technologies highlights: Product Launch of 25GigE series cameras from 1-50MP featuring latest Sony Pregius sensors with maximum speed up to 1,600 fps. Get your hands on the cameras by signing up our buy & try program today. For more information, kindly send in […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: Perfect your C-mount lenses with Carl Zeiss

Event Highlights,Technology News 9 November, 2018

  Carl Zeiss Vision show 2018 information updates As JM Vistec System is the authorized distributor for Carl Zeiss Machine Vision lenses in South-East Asia, China & Taiwan, we are proud to announce that Carl Zeiss has released the new Dimension series for C-Mount! What’s more? New 8mm wide angle with less than 1% distortion […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: Explore more into Kenko Tokina’s new range of F-Mount lenses

Event Highlights,Technology News 9 November, 2018

Kenko Tokina product updates: Introducing the new lineup of F-mount linescan lenses as well as C-Mount Lenses up to 4/3″ sensor sizes, supporting major focal lengths.      New Bandpass Filter for specific spectral sensitivity. Ideal to differentiate colors and materials! Kenko Tokina’s booth at the VISION show this year! For more information, kindly send in your […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: Check out The Imaging Source booth as well as product hightlights!

Event Highlights,Technology News 9 November, 2018

  Product highlights – IMX265 20x zoom global shutter. – sMount,cMount,csMount, macro (1.1″) – IMX183 (linux updates binaries) – 37 series ML w/right angle IC barcode (linux) – IC 3D (Linux)+sensors to 37/38 series Check out The Imaging Source booth for this year’s VISION show! For more information, kindly send in your enquiries to or call +65 6748 […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: New 151MP from SVS-Vistek!

Event Highlights,Technology News 7 November, 2018

SVS-Vistek product updates:   New technology – Polarized IMX Sensor 5MP & 12MP. Email us to request for whitepaper which will be published after the show.         SWIR & Multi-spectral cameras – Inspect different types of materials is as easy as 400-700nm wavelengths. By reading specific wavelengths, we will be able to […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: ISVI tech updates!

Event Highlights,Technology News 7 November, 2018

ISVI product updates:   Newly launched Razor series – Experiencing space constraint in your production line? Having the urge to save cost? Introdusing the ISVI CXP12 cameras. Primary benefits the ability to use 2 cameras with 1 CXP12 card such as Matrox Rapixo!       3D inspection module – Super high-speed, high-resolution and high-accuracy […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: Matrox Imaging booth highlights!

Event Highlights,Technology News 7 November, 2018

Matrox Imaging product updates:   Matrox Rapixo – CXP12 with built-in FDK (FPGA development kit) for CPU usage optimization from 99% to 1%.             MIL – laser line 3D surface OCR inspection                       MIL – Photometric stereo-assisted OCR For more […]

Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: Gardasoft product updates!

Event Highlights,Technology News 7 November, 2018

Gardasoft latest products:     Introducing: Next Generation Sub Microsecond Controllers Breaking the barriers of traditional lighting control.         Computational Imaging By sequencing lighting from multiple directions, you can recreate a surface feature such as Photometric stereo-assisted OCR or more. Braille and embossed characters on FMCG packaging can now be automatically inspected. […]

The Imaging Source: NEW 3 & 5 MP Board-level Cameras

Technology News 31 October, 2018

New 3 & 5 MP Board-level, Global-Shutter Cameras 16 new industrial and board-level cameras have been added to The Imaging Source’s USB 3.1 (gen. 1) family. The cameras, available as color and monochrome variants, feature Sony’s latest Pregius global-shutter CMOS sensors: 5 MP (IMX250/IMX264) and 3.1 MP (IMX252/IMX265). These high-performance, back-illuminated sensors are extremely sensitive […]

Matrox latest release: Matrox 4Sight with vision controller for multi-camera applications.

Technology News 29 October, 2018

Experiencing difficulties managing your production facility lines? This new Industrial PC with a vision controller might just solve your problem. Matrox Imaging has just released an industrial PC with a fanless design and multiple ports for GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® cameras make the Matrox 4Sight EV6 right at home in any production facility, keeping […]