Messe Vision Stuttgart 2018: New 151MP from SVS-Vistek!

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SVS-Vistek product updates:



New technology – Polarized IMX Sensor 5MP & 12MP. Email us to request for whitepaper which will be published after the show.






SWIR & Multi-spectral cameras – Inspect different types of materials is as easy as 400-700nm wavelengths. By reading specific wavelengths, we will be able to differentiate and identify materials such as picking out organic materials from a pile of random items. This is especially useful for recycling and sealant inspection.



151 MP svs



151MP – 151MP6.5fps sony IMX rolling shutter that comes with CXP6 M72 mount, up to 16-bit depth.





For more information, kindly send in your enquiries to or call +65 6748 5517.