Announcement: Product housing exterior for ULIS sensors


fullscale 1

FullScale DemoKit for proxy board K035 was designed to display in only minutes a perfect
raw images stream from a ULIS Micro80 GeN2 sensor.

1x FullScale boards set including:
➢ 1x Digi Board USB3-A
➢ 1x FullScale proxy board K035 (with soldered Micro80 GeN2)
1x FullScale mechanical parts set including:
➢ 1x Umicore lens 15097-130
➢ 1x Black plastic spacer (between Digi Board and Proxy Board)
➢ 1x Black plastic lid
➢ 1x Black plastic lens holder dedicated to Umicore lens 15097-130
➢ 1x mechanical part screws set (3x M3 screws)
1x 1 meter USB3.0 cable
1x tripod
1x Free software ProxyDemo
➢ Portable software (no need to install)
➢ For Windows 7 & 8 & 10
➢ Source code and dev tools not included
Provided on USB key or by download

Datasheet Umicore lens (not provided by FullScale)
➢ Datasheet ULIS sensor (not provided by FullScale):
“User Guide PICO384-053 NT15014-2 28 08 2015.pdf”
➢ Datasheet Proxy Board K318: “K318_Datasheet_02.pdf”
➢ Userguide Digi Board USB3-A: “USB3-A_UserGuide_v0.2.pdf”
➢ Userguide ProxyDemo: “ProxyDemo_V4.2_QuickStart_EN_11”

For more information, kindly send in your enquiries to or call +65 6748 5517.