10 GigE Vision High Speed (Fibre Optics)

Emergent Vision Technologies

EVT 10 GigE Vision High Speed Cameras
Brand: Emergent Vision Technologies
EVT is one of the first providers of cameras based on 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) interface. 10GigE exceeds the bandwidth of even the advanced interfaces including USB 3.0, CoaXPress and CameraLink.

About this series

10 GigE (a.k.a. 10 Gigabit Ethernet) is the successor to 1 Gig E (1 Gigabit Ethernet) which is the leading interface for machine vision applications. 10 GigE, as the successor, provides all the same benefits of 1 GigE but with a ten- fold increase in data-rate which leads to a ten-fold increase in frame rate.10 GigE, as with 1 Gig E, is an industry standard which has been around for years and is managed / produced  by the IEEE 802.3 working group. The standard is used in applications such as telecom, data communications, industrial, military, etc, and now we leverage the benefits of this globally accepted cross-industry technology for machine vision applications.

ModelSensorResolutionPixel SizeFPSMountInterfaceDatasheet
HR-2000CMV20002MP5.5µm338C10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-4000CMV40004MP5.5µm179C10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-12000CMV1200012MP5.5µm84C/F10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-20000CMV2000020MP6.4µm32F10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-50000CMV5000050MP4.6µm23F10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-3000-SIMX2523.2MP3.45µm216C10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-5000-SIMX2505MP3.45µm163C10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-8000-SIMX2558.9MP3.45µm110C10GigE via SFP+View Details
HR-12000-SIMX25312MP3.45µm 80C10GigE via SFP+View Details

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