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Technology News 17 September, 2018

Bee Behavior Studied in a New Light   SVL Bee

In this Vision Systems Design magazine article, the manner in which honeybees socialize and pass along information was studied. Matt Pinter, Smart Vision Lights’ Director of Engineering, explains how images were captured with the aid of infrared LED lights from SVL to better understand how honeybees relate.


How Safe Are Your LED Products?SVL safety test

Products containing LED lights require testing to ensure that ultraviolet and infrared light output adheres to the safety levels outlined in IEC 62471. Without proper proof of IEC 62471 compliance, manufacturers risk product confiscation and costly fines.


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The Ultimate Solution to High-density I/O Applications

Technology News 12 September, 2018

bitbox headercaption

Are you still using an I/O card to control strobes, solenoids and actuators? Or to acquire data from photo detectors or triggers?

There is a better way: The new BitBox from BitFlow provides an unprecedented 36 inputs and 36 outputs in a compact, DIN-rail mounted, compact form factor that supports TTL, LVDS, open collector, opto-isolated and 24V signaling.

Amazingly simple to deploy, the BitBox™ is controlled solely by a BitFlow frame grabber, using the same API, driver and manual. As a result, you achieve significant cost savings, while reducing space requirements and flattening the learning curve for developers. In addition, this solution isolates noisy, high-voltage signals generated by the system, keeping them away from the computer where they could cause data drops, video problems, malfunctions and random network errors.

Bitbox features

All transmitters and receivers are located right in the BitBox, on the rail, close to the other equipment. Control is facilitated by a small high speed cable which goes between the BitBox and the frame grabber. This cable can be up to 10 meters in length, providing maximum flexibility in positioning equipment inside the machine.

Matrox Imaging software enhances critical code reading

Technology News 12 September, 2018


Suntory PepsiCo needed to detect missing date and lot codes on a production line with a wide variety of product positioning permutations. Pacific Hi-Tech sought out Matrox® Imaging to help deliver an OCR solution because, as their project manager notes, “it’s easy to see the superiority of Matrox’s algorithms over the algorithms of rival companies in solving similar problems”.

The OCR tool in question is String Reader—available in Matrox Design Assistant software—which handles text strings with a known or unknown number of characters, accommodating changes in character angle with respect to the string, aspect ratio, scale, skew, and contrast. The Matrox 4Sight GPm vision controller rounds out this efficient system, saving time, effort, and costs for the operators.



Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2018 (ITAP)

Event Highlights 7 September, 2018

itap banner

JM Vistec System is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting in this year’s upcoming Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2018 tradeshow event taking place in Singapore Expo Hall 1  during 16th to 18th October. The focus of the event is to promote Industrial 4.0 & to enhance IOT.

Our booth will be showcasing our AI, 3D & 2D demo showcase. In addition, A free sample inspection test will be provided for visitors to bring along their sample to experiment with.

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Event Highlights 7 September, 2018

ITAP 2018 setup

On the 23 of August, JM Vistec System is proud to announce our showcase of our 3D and AI technology held in ARTC’s MODEL event. The event is part of A*STAR’s Model Factories Initiative to support the industry in their digital transformation journey.

The Model Factory @ ARTC focuses on disruptive technologies, primarily Industry 4.0 technologies, that can transform factories and industrial operations to be more efficient and competitive.

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